Civil marriage procedures in Turkey and the required papers

Civil marriage procedures in Turkey are one of the important issues and points for many Arabs and non-Arabs in Turkey, especially those residing there, after the number of resident foreigners reached very large numbers and from various Arab and foreign countries, east and west, so it is important for those wishing to By staying in Turkey and settling in it, they should think about the legal procedures and the steps of civil marriage procedures in Turkey and the papers required for that. University, real estate services, company establishment in Turkey, and other distinguished services that we offer you at Haji Amir Company.

Marriage Contract Procedures in Turkey

The marriage contract in Turkey is a civil contract that is organized by the marriage registration offices in the city or municipality, which is the party responsible for carrying out the procedures for civil marriage transactions in Turkey, and the rest of the related procedures. Marriage is not recognized in Turkey without official government contracts, and the Turkish government does not recognize contracts Concluded religiously only “like the books of a sheikh’s book”.

Do foreigners have the right to establish marriage in Turkey

Yes, foreigners are allowed within the legal conditions and procedures for marriage in Turkey to organize the marriage contract, whether one of the spouses is a foreigner or both.

If one of the spouses is of Turkish origin or holds Turkish citizenship and the other is a foreigner, or the spouses are of two different foreign nationalities, the Turkish authorities only recognize the marriage contract concluded and existing in the civil court in Turkey.
If the spouses are of the same nationality and the same country, the Turkish authorities recognize the contracts certified by the embassy or consulate of the country to which they belong, and marriage in Turkey can be established in the civil court.

إجراءات الزواج المدني في تركيا و الأوراق المطلوبة لتثبيت الزواج في تركيا
إجراءات الزواج المدني في تركيا و الأوراق المطلوبة لتثبيت الزواج في تركيا
Procedures for civil marriage in Turkey and the papers required to install the marriage in Turkey Haji Amir

Conditions for civil marriage in Turkey

In order for marriage to be established in Turkey legally and legally, the laws in Turkey impose several conditions on applicants for marriage and they must fulfill them, namely:

Ability to Marry

The ability to marry in Turkey is measured by two factors: age and mind

Married couples should possess sufficient mental and cognitive ability to make a decision such as the decision to marry. Mental illnesses are considered an impediment to the establishment of marriage in Turkey, unless the person with a health impairment, disease, or person with special needs obtains a health report from the hospital indicating his eligibility and ability to marry.
For ages in Turkey, the minimum age for marriage in Turkey is 18, and there is an exception for those who reach the age of 16, provided that one or both parents are present and signed, and this exception is regulated in the municipality and with witnesses.
As for the marriage of those under the age of 16, it is not permissible in Turkey and is considered in violation of Turkish laws, even if the parents agree. In such a case, the Turkish authorities usually separate the spouses, imprison the husband and the wife’s guardian and fine them a sum of money.
Freedom from certain diseases

Some diseases may be an obstacle to the consolidation of marriage in Turkey, including:

Mental illnesses: such as insanity, epilepsy, hysteria and other related diseases
Genetic diseases, which are found especially among relatives
Chronic diseases such as AIDS or hepatitis C

The spouses are also required to undergo a comprehensive medical examination before marriage that covers the aforementioned diseases to ensure their safety, in addition to fertility checks and blood compatibility between the husband and wife.

No existing marriage

One of the conditions of marriage in Turkey is the absence of an existing marriage. The law in Turkey does not allow the organization of a second marriage contract unless the first contract between the spouses is terminated, or in other words “the law in Turkey does not allow polygamy”

A condition for allowing the wife to remarry is that 300 days (9 months) have passed since the termination of the first contract (divorce).

Other terms

The spouses should not be close in a way that prevents marriage. In Turkey, the following types of marriage are prohibited:
Marriage of a father to his daughter, for example, or a son to his mother
Marriage to an uncle/aunt or uncle/aunt
Marriage to the children of a brother/sister
Homosexuality is also prohibited in Turkey, and none of these types is documented in the Turkish state records and is not considered marriage at all.

Documents required to establish civil marriage in Turkey

In order to start the marriage procedures in Turkey, the following documents and papers must be prepared:

A copy of the passport, translated and certified by the Notary in Turkey, the “Notary Clerk” and can act on behalf of the passport with a temporary residence card for Syrians in Turkey.
A single proof document or civil status registration attested by the foreign country’s embassy or consulate. This document is usually called a “bachelorship certificate.”
A rental contract, a family registration, or any document proving residence in Turkey
A record extract that is extracted from the embassy or consulate of the foreign country and translated and certified by the notary in Turkey (notary public)
Divorce certificate or death statement for the ex-husband in case this was the second marriage.
Written consent from the guardian of the wife or husband if he or she is between the ages of 16 and 18
Some municipalities in Turkey may require the survey document “proof that the real name has not changed”.
Necessary medical reports and analyzes
Steps to install marriage in Turkey

The steps to establish marriage in Turkey are sequenced as follows:

First, preparing the papers required to establish marriage in Turkey, translating what needs to be translated, and certifying what is required to be certified by the notary office.
Go to the municipality and fill out the marriage form, which is obtained from the registration office in the marriage department within the municipality in the city in which you are.
The following documents are delivered to the registry office:

– Registration Form

– Selfies of both spouses

– A certified and translated family release document for each of the spouses

House rental contract or proof of accommodation

– Analyzes and medical examination reports for both spouses issued by a government hospital or medical center in Turkey.

The rest of the other documents required according to the couple’s condition

The file and the form are handed over to the competent employee in the municipality with payment of the transaction fees in the presence of the suitors.
After a short period, the municipality will communicate with the couple and set the date of the marriage contract, which will be held in the municipality itself.
After that, a family book issued by the municipality is delivered and translated into several languages ​​according to demand and necessity.

Important notes on establishing civil marriage in Turkey

Those who are married outside Turkey, there is no need to establish their marriage in Turkey, as their documents issued from their country are approved with translation into the Turkish language and notarized (attested) by a notary public in Turkey
The Turkish family book is useful for legally registering children in Turkey, and also helps to establish marriage within the mother country upon return.
In most cases, the interval between submitting the registration form and the invitation to the marriage contract is approximately one week
The Turkish municipality usually determines the health center or government hospital from which medical examinations should be carried out and medical reports should be obtained.
important note

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