Student residence is granted to international students coming from outside Turkey for the purpose of joining Turkish educational institutions, whether it is an institute or university, master’s or doctoral students, and gives them the right to exist and study in the Turkish territory legally. of residences

The length of stay that the student obtains

The student’s residence permit is granted for a maximum period of one year, subject to renewal or extension for a period sufficient to complete the remaining years of study, provided that an official proof issued by the Turkish educational institution in which the student is studying is presented, ensuring his continuity in practicing the study

Advantages of student residence in Turkey

Obtaining a low-cost student transportation card that can be used to ride any type of public transportation

Enjoy the stay during the study period

Enjoy great discounts on health insurance

Facilitating entry and exit to and from the territory of Turkey to the extent of the expiry date of residence

Required when renting an apartment and when opening electricity, gas and water in the name of the tenant

Required while opening a bank account in a Turkish bank



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