The most important transactions of the foreign marriage contract in Turkey

Today, Turkey has become the first destination for many people, whether Syrians and Arabs, or ordinary foreigners from European countries. With time, the marriage of foreigners has spread in Turkey. The marriage contract requires some papers and transactions to be done correctly. In this article, we will try to identify the most important things that foreigners do to be Acceptance of their request for marriage, whether when a foreigner marries a Turkish or a Turkish woman, as well as in the case of foreigners marrying in Turkey.

Marriage of foreigners in Turkey

It is also possible for two foreigners of the same nationality or two foreigners of different nationalities to marry in Turkey. Two foreign nationals of the same country can apply for marriage in front of the representative offices of that country in Turkey, provided that the laws of their country allow this.

Regardless of whether they are of the same or different nationalities, the application for marriage of foreigners in Turkey is also accepted by the marriage offices in Turkey, for this it is sufficient to prepare the above-mentioned documents.

زواج الأجانب في تركيا و خطوات الزوا

Civil marriage license for foreigners in Turkey

In the Turkish state, a Turkish citizen and a foreigner or two foreigners who are not citizens of the same country can only marry in front of an authorized Turkish marriage officer.

Two foreigners, who are citizens of the same country, can marry before the representatives of that country in Turkey (consulate), as well as before the Turkish authorities, provided that this is authorized by the law of the country of origin.

Foreigners’ requests for marriage are accepted by the marriage officer, and the provisions of the marriage regulations relating to the marriage of Turkish citizens to foreigners are applied to foreigners within the framework of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection dated 4/4/2013 No. 6458.

Their applications are accepted if they do not have citizenship, refugees, conditional refugees, applicants for international protection and foreigners who are included in the scope of temporary protection in Turkey according to the residence permit by the marriage officers.

According to the information and documents in the files kept by the Provincial Directorates of Migration Management, whether or not they are prohibited from contracting a marriage is determined by the Provincial Directorates of Migration Management and a certificate of authorization of the marriage contract is issued.

زواج الأجانب في تركيا و خطوات الزوا

What are the documents required for a foreigner’s marriage contract in Turkey?

Foreign and Turkish marriage

Documents required from Turkish citizens: Republic of Turkey identity card, passport copy, medical report approved by the authorized doctor or doctor.

Documents required from the foreign spouse: Passport ID A notarized Turkish translation of the passport in not expired or state ID is required.

Passport photo: It must have been taken within the last 6 months.

Visa: The visa is also required to prove that the person is not a refugee or smuggler, if it has expired, a residence permit is required Health Report: It can be obtained from a government hospital.

Marriage license certificate: For foreigners, marriage contract license certificate is among the required documents. People who have a birth certificate and celibacy certificate do not need to have a separate marriage license, which can be obtained from her country and from the relevant consulate in Turkey.

Celibacy certificate: A celibacy certificate must be obtained at the request of the competent authorities stating that the person concerned is not married in his country.

Some countries issue documents such as marriage license, birth certificate and celibacy certificate only with the relevant authorities in their countries.

What are the conditions for marriage in Turkey?

Marriage in Turkey is a legal process that enables the betrothed to form a union of two parties. The married man and woman unite under the conditions required by law to establish a full and lasting life partnership, according to the prevailing viewpoint in Turkish law today. Marriage is a family law contract.

How is the marriage ceremony in Turkey?

Marriage in Turkey is an official legal procedure that takes place in front of two witnesses and a marriage officer. The marriage officer asks each of the spouses if they want to marry each other. The marriage takes place as soon as the two parties give their positive verbal answer, that is, they say yes. The officer explains that the marriage took place in accordance with the law with the consent of both parties. In this case, according to the law, the marriage takes place as soon as the parties declare their will, the duty of the officer consists only of making it clear that the marriage took place with the consent of the parties.

شروط الزواج في تركيا و معاملات زواج

In order to conclude a civil marriage contract in Turkey as a family law contract, certain material and formal conditions are required according to Turkish law, after the stage of submitting the marriage application as a procedure subject to a ceremony under formal conditions in Turkish law, the application is investigated if it fulfills all the conditions then the marriage is approved civil.

Marriage license: In order for a person to be eligible for marriage, he must have reached the age specified for marriage and have the ability to discriminate.

Marriage age: Marriage by its nature requires some physical, spiritual, and mental maturity The age set by law for marriage is called the age of marriage Normal marriage age is 17 for both men and women Unusual (exceptional) marriage age A judge may allow a man or woman who has completed the age of 16 to marry In exceptional circumstances and in the presence of a very important reason, however, before the decision parents or guardians are heard whenever possible, here the court allows the person requesting to marry an exceptionally specified person, the judge will judge whether the situation is exceptional for example: the pregnancy of the woman and the loss of her parents kidnapping the girl, sexually assaulting her…etc.

  • Discrimination power: Persons who marry with the power to discriminate must have the ability to understand the meaning and purpose of marriage, and understand the obligations and duties associated with marriage, a person must have the power to discriminate when entering into marriage, fully qualified to marry, people who have reached the age of 18, have full legal capacity For marriage.
شروط الزواج في تركيا و معاملات زواج

The absence of barriers to civil marriage in Turkey

In order for a marriage to take place, there must be no marriage barriers provided by law:

Kinship: In some cases, kinship is an obstacle to marriage.
Wife’s relationship: A man cannot divorce his wife and marry his mother-in-law.
Previous marriage: The ex-married person who wants to marry a second time must prove that his previous marriage has ended, the death certificate and birth registration if the marriage ended in death, if the marriage ended in divorce or annulment, because Turkish law does not allow polygamy.
Mental illness: Psychopaths cannot marry unless it is understood in the official health board report that there is no medical problem in their marriage, that is, they do not pose any danger to the partner and do not threaten the health of future generations and family.
Waiting period for the woman: If the first marriage ends, the woman cannot marry the second marriage until after 300 days have passed since the end of the marriage. However, if she is pregnant, when she gives birth, the period ends on its own. Again, if it is understood that the woman is not pregnant from her previous marriage or if the spouses whose marriage has ended wish to marry each other again, the court cancels this period, the expected 300-day period in order not to create confusion in the lineage.

  • Some Infectious Diseases: In the Turkish Civil Code of the Family, only the mental illness that prevents marriage is mentioned as an obstacle to marriage, on the other hand, the Public Health Law (Public Health Protection Law) regulates that people with contagious diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea and leprosy can only marry If they bring a doctor’s report on these diseases, these diseases are contagious, impotence or sterility is not an obstacle to marriage.


When you decide to marry in Turkey, you must take into account some important matters in Turkish law, such as the age of marriage, the prohibition of polygamy in Turkey, as well as the transaction expenses that you need, in addition to that, Turkey does not recognize religious ceremonies for marriage, but only civil marriage in Turkey is recognized in this Country.

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